Tradition, uniqueness
and true flavors

The Bakery – Patisserie

Schröder Bakery, renowned throughout the Leventina Valley, is based in Chiggiogna, right where the Gottardo Restaurant and Campground is located.

Established by Bruno and Martha Schröder and currently run by their son Renato with his wife Crocetta, it is mostly engaged in specialty baking (spampezie, macaroons, etc.) in addition to bread making.

You can buy bread directly in the workshop below the restaurant or at the kiosk.

Active in the production and distribution of bread throughout much of the Valley since 1963, Schröder Bakery is sure to offer top-quality products.


Our unique products, from centuries of tradition


Spampezia is a typical cake from Media Leventina, said to have origins in Osco and Faido. Spampezia is a sweet typical of the Media Leventina, is said to have origins in Osco and Faido. A specialty that was disappearing, so our bakery made sure to revive the product, recognizing its exceptional quality.


Crèfli are crisp and very firm cookies that are produced only in the Upper Leventina region. They are biscuit made of flour, sugar, butter, honey, milk and cream and are baked to the perfection.


During Christmastime, you can find our Panettone, a traditional Christmas sweet.


Back in 1963, Bruno and Martha Schröder, originally from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, rented a small bakery with restaurant in Airolo. They attended courses to learn Italian and to obtain the license to run a restaurant.

Seeing their desire to move to Middle Leventina, they left the Cristallina Restaurant and bought a single-family house with an attached campsite in Chiggiogna.

In 1982 for the sake of convenience they decided to expand the Chiggiogna facility, building a new bakery and restaurant. Since that day, the company has settled down permanently until today, where it presents itself with three workers, an apprentice and two drivers.